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Tired starlings.
Norrellites and Strangites.
19th-Aug-2009 07:29 pm(no subject)
I can't be with you any more. I can't be with someone who ignores problems, who runs away from them, who prefers being emo to finding solutions, who would rather be cynical and depressed than try.

We started pairing off, you started distancing yourself from me and Jenn, even though you felt like you were doing the tiptoeing...you could have barged into any one of those convos, you could have told us anything, but you preferred moping on the side and running to Minna--Minna, who stopped caring about the ot4 forever ago as she increasingly got self-centered. Updating three times a day, but no time to reply to any comments, even on her own journal? Minna, who only talked to you? Minna, who acknowledged that she kept lying about coming back to plurk, coming back to us...it was obvious she only cared about you.

Which is fine. I don't care about her anymore. That's severed, and it doesn't matter. She was the one who cemented it for me, that the ot4 was dead. And you...sometimes I miss you. I miss you being happy. But I don't miss how you need people to fawn over you to be happy, how your need for constant attention can be so draining, how whenever there's a problem and you're involved it's your toes that you expect to be kissed, because you're ~insecure~ and it's never your fault because of that.

I'm done.

I want to be friends, but I don't know if saying that is a slap in your face. I'm sure it is, I would despise me if I were you, but I miss you, I just can't deal with the mess of this. Do whatever you want. Cut me, spit in my face, I don't care, it's over.

There isn't a resolution--that's your favorite, not having a resolution, so this is the end.
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